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Inspiring Leisure Experience

This Leisure Escape, presents you with a unique itinerary full of discoveries and emotions.

From Switzerland's northernmost vineyard to the enchanting grandeur of the Alps and the Mediterranean gardens of Ticino, the luxury, style and beauty of the regions and landscapes are eternal signatures of an extraordinary experience.


Take the time to enjoy, succumb to the charm of a beautiful region and let us guide you. Every day you will experience new sensations and discover exquisite surprises, while enjoying the peace and quiet of your stylish accommodation.


Under the banner of variety and character, our services and competencies will ensure that your holidays a moment of pure happiness.

Once in a lifetime

Switzerland is perfect for luxury travel. The enchanting beauty of the Alps, picture book villages and spectacular views. The Collection « Unique Experience » is the very best that Switzerland has to offer. Luxury and style together with the beauty of the country are signatures of an extraordinary experience.


Gourmet Experience

Our incredible Gourmet Experience allows you to discover some of the most emblematic "Swiss Wine"


This Experience is a 1 to 10 day journey is a stroll through a garden of  delights, where ancestral know-how is combined with daring culinary creations for the pure pleasure of the taste buds. You will discover many local products with exquisite taste. Robust wines with mineral notes, cheeses with floral undertones, vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables, characterful salted meats and rare spices.

Ski Experience

Our World Cup coaches will teach you all the finesse and emotion of skiing throughout the Alps.

From 2 days of booking you will share an unforgettable moment with one or more skiers who have raced in the World Cup.    


Bike Experience

Our E-Bike guide will take you along the most beautiful roads in the Alps, from the fantastic passes of the French Alps to the iconic Swiss single trails.

Car Experience

The Swiss passes are an Eldorado of majestic scenery for turn-taking enthusiasts and experienced drivers alike.


For this Experience we suggest the "Eight Passes" route, which forms a figure eight as it passes the Susten, Grimsel, Furka, Nufenen and Gotthard passes, one after the other.


Mountain retreat

To get through the current collective chaos, Murielle invite you to find and rediscover yourself in the calm of a magical place and a neutral space.  She will be accompanied by wonderful people for a programme created to measure, for you, at your rhythm.

Unique Moments

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