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The great big wide open spaces



The Mythical Swiss Passes


The Vaudoises Alps

The Road around The Mont Blanc

The Hillsides of the Valais


The mythical
Swiss passes

The Swiss passes are an Eldorado of majestic scenery for turn-taking enthusiasts and experienced drivers alike. For this Experience we suggest the "Eight Passes" route, which forms a figure eight as it passes the Susten, Grimsel,     Furka, Nufenen and Gotthard passes, one after the other.


The vaudoise Alps

For more than a century, a stay in the Vaud Alps has been worth the detour: from the sweetness of the Riviera to the Pre-Alps of Fribourg, our tour takes you to discover this region as well as some wonderful passes. 


The richness of its soil: vineyards and wine cellars, mountain cheese making (Etivaz AOC...), the art of silhouette, the salt mines of Bex, the thermal springs of Lavey-les-Bains, traditional mountain villages, dream mountain lakes, breathtaking views, deep gorges will be a unique change of scenery.

Take the road to this haunt of celebrities and feel the emotion that the stars, from Chaplin to Freddie Mercury to Hella Fitzgerald have had.


The hillsides
of the Valais

A land of contrasts and emotions: Enormous    forests, majestic glaciers, mountain lakes with emerald green waters: the authenticity of Valais can be enjoyed in a thousand different ways.

Our "Côteaux du Valais" tour is a plunge into a unique change of scenery. From one bank of the Rhône to the other, from one valley to another region, at every bend a unique vision of the natural beauty of the Valais. The local products and specialities that are the pride of the Valais will enchant the palate of the most demanding epicureans.


Unique Moments

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